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Andrea Bonadomane - Andrea Bonadomane Performance Horses

Andrea Bonadomane - Andrea Bonadomane Performance Horses

My horses move freely and powerfully after Adrienne has massaged them, they just go so much better!  Adrienne regularly massages my horses as part of their training and competition program. The benefits are multiple, such as more motivation to work and quicker recovery after intense training.  And they also perform better at competitions due to being in great form!  

My clients invest a lot of money into their horses and in me to train them.  I believe regular ImPuls Methode body work is an investment into the horse.  An investment in preparation period of the young horses through proper muscle building, and in the ongoing performance of the experienced horses to make sure they are the best they can be!  The conditioning achieved through my program combined with ImPuls Methode Massage means my horses are at their peak when they need to be.. and the results speak for themselves!

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