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Your Guide to Massage Part Two

Your Guide to Massage Part Two

Your guide to Massage Part Two

The festive season is here and what a fantastic time of year!  This usually means a holiday and plenty of indulgence.  What does this mean for your horse? More time as you have a holiday or less time as you are busy?  That is not important, important is proper muscle care for your horse.

The best way to look after muscles is to use them; “use it or lose it” is a famous saying!  Training, movement, strengthening, stretching and relaxation techniques are all important facets of muscle care.  Incorporating basic techniques regularly into your routine will provide optimal care and keep your horses muscles in good condition, regardless of the time of year!  

Muscles are sensitive to many aspects of life.  Emotional reactions such as stress or heavy training are stored in the muscles and can cause tension.  Tension in the body culminates in tension in the mind and vice versa.  Tension in muscles causes a shortening of the muscles with an outcome of reduced performance.  This is why massage is so important.

Not only does regular massage help relax the muscles, it creates a sense of well being and relaxation in the mind.  It helps release the energy blocks stored in the muscles and mind.  A sense of wellness promotes good health.  Not to mention increases  the sense of proprioception and blood flow and also loosens joints. 

Exercise is also important, especially after a massage.  The contraction of the muscles promotes further blood flow and removal of the blockages released during the massage session.  And the combination of massage and movement have a greater effect than just training alone.  This is why all our ‘human’ athletes have regular massage as part of their routine - in competition mode or recovery mode.

We all want to provide the best care for our horses.  Now is the time to introduce regular massage to your routine!


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