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Your guide to Massage Part One

Your guide to Massage Part One

Your guide to Massage Part One

Winter is here, the cold has set in and the long days have ended.  For many the start of winter coincides with the end of the Turnier season, or balmy rides in the late evening sun.  What should you do with your horse?  He won’t be going out in the paddock as much as the bad weather moves in. What to take care of now? 

You both most likely need a bit of a break now.  Before you turn your horse out though, think about this.  What can I do to maximise this break for my horse?  Too many people simply turn out their horse before they fully let it down for a holiday.  This is not always the best idea.  Before you give your horse a break, it is a good idea to arrange a  massage for him.  Then give him his well deserved holiday - and take time also yourself for a massage and rest!

Massage loosens muscles, assists blood flow to bring healthy blood to the tissues and also removes waste products caused by work.  Thus any tightness from a hectic summer schedule can be removed so that during his break, he really can relax and regenerate.

Lack of work can often appear to improve tension or stiffness.  What you will find however that the muscles do not repair themselves adequately and the so called ‘improvement’ you see has more to do with lack of use than actual release of the tension and stiffness.  As soon as you bring you horse back to work these problems will re-appear!

A massage with a professional helps relax and release tension.  Combined with Energy balancing, you horse will go out relax and will come back feeling refreshed and willing. 

Would you agree this is more beneficial than this time being used to de-stress?

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