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Christmas Frivolity!

Christmas Frivolity!

Ah I love the festive season!  Christmas will be here and that means more time with our loved ones - naturally I mean your horse!  December’s blog is more frivolous (still filled with interesting facts and advice….)  

So, what can you give your horse as a Christmas present?  


Do horses understand about Christmas? They are very intelligent creatures.  Horses can interpret our facial expressions, emotions and body language but do they know why we are celebrating?  I doubt it, but that is no reason not to celebrate!

Tip 1 - Spoil your horse with time, yes thats right, Quality time!  Sit with your horse in his stable and allow him to come to you for contact.  Italian researchers performed a preliminary study and found this is the best way to ‘bond’ with your horse on an emotional level, due to the freedom of contact being his choice not yours.


Toys are always fun gifts! They should be safe and robust (and in your horses opinion also dispense some form of treat!).  There are many horse toys available on the market that stimulate mental activity or physical activity.

Tip 2 - Research available toys and think about what your horse may enjoy.  Active horses may prefer a toy that promotes exercise.  Horses with a predisposed ‘vice’, such as cribbing/windsucking may benefit from a slow feeder or a toy with treat rewards.  Make sure the treats are compatible with nutritional requirements!


Bake your own Horse cookies!  Even if your baking skills are hopeless (like mine), your best friend does not care how they look, only how they taste!  You can even make low sugar recipes or ones to suit your horses favourite flavour.

Tip 3 - There are plenty of recipes on the internet that are suitable and easy.  There are also non-bake recipes!  Try various recipes to see which your horse prefers. Best of all they are safe for us to snack on too (admit it, we’ve all snacked on horse treats!)


Treat him to a Wellness Massage! Book an appointment with a Masseur to spoil your horse with a relaxing, balancing massage!

Tip 4 - What about a Wellness Week? Book two massages a week apart, and do light exercise in between for a completely relaxed and happy horse to start the new year.


If you can give your horse ALL of the above suggestions I am sure he will have the best Christmas ever.  And won’t that make you feel great?   


Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!


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