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Behaviour and Massage

Behaviour and Massage

Can massage help your horse with behaviour changes?  Suddenly or slowly your horse has developed aggression or anti-social behaviour.  Can massage help?  At first glance, your horse appears healthy, no obvious issues.  Perhaps you have purchased a new horse that already exhibits undesirable traits that come from his earlier life experiences.

 A lot of horses are very stoic due to their large hearts.  Of course they cannot tell us with words what is wrong.  What they do display is a change in their behaviour.  Sometimes this occurs slowly we barely notice it, until this behaviour is firmly ingrained. 

Tip 1 - Observe and take note of any continuing undesirable behaviour changes.  This may help your vet or consultant find the cause.  Problems like increasing aggression or other anti-social behaviours are, in my opinion, a strong indicator that an underlying problem exists.   

Take a look at your response to your horse.  Behaviour issues may arise due to common ‘mistakes’ made by almost all horse owners at some point.

Tip 2 - Do you perhaps make an effort to calm your horse down in stressful situations by speaking nicely and stroking his neck?  This can teach your horse to continue with this behaviour…  Consider this; horses do not think like us and often our good intentions are misinterpreted, resulting in us inadvertently creating an issue!

Have a horse masseur consult you.  In my experience, many blockages can arise that are undetectable by vets.  These may occur after bad experiences, injury or illness and are due to the energy or mental block caused by the memory.   

Tip 3 - Be open to something new!  Lots of people are reluctant to call a masseur when theres no obvious tension.  Massage however removes blockages (energetic and physical) thereby aiding the body to restore itself to a natural state of health and in overall wellbeing.  As if by magic, many behavioural problems seemingly disappear!

We all want our horses to be happy don’t we?  Continuing general ill-disposition is a sign you should take action.  Horses are by nature generous and social creatures and deviation from this is a sure sign something is not right.  Even if your horse has been grumpy since forever - it probably means something has been wrong since forever!  In addition, an annual veterinary check is something I recommend for all horses.  


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